When ‘ineligible’ for a contract turned out to be anything but!

The following letter is from a member, in a university outside Dublin, who was deemed ‘ineligible’ for a Contract of Indefinite Duration and, having initially accepted the decision, subsequently contacted IFUT who were able to resolve the matter to our member’s benefit.

“Having spent over six years without a break in my contract with my employer I applied for a Contract of Indefinite Duration as I felt it was my right after years of loyalty, hard work and upskilling. 

“My application was denied for what I accepted at the time were legitimate reasons. However on further consideration, I felt I should investigate whether I was entitled to more than just a simple “ineligible”. 

“I was a member of IFUT and I discussed my case with the local IFUT  representatives who were very supportive and referred my case to IFUT Head Office.  Joan  Donegan and her staff felt I indeed had a strong case in my application for a Contract of Indefinite Duration. They guided and supported me during a very stressful period, highlighting my rights and the responsibilities of my employers in relation to my contracts and years of service. 

“IFUT represented my case successfully and we came away with the result we wanted and deserved.  I highly recommend anyone with any doubt about their contracts and entitlements to contact IFUT, and be part of a union that stands by you when you need them.”

Sometimes staff in precarious work situations feel that they have little or no rights or entitlements.  Often they become trapped by a precarious work environment, to the extent of accepting denial of their attempts to improve their own work status or position.

It is important to always get a ‘second opinion’ on your work status if college authorities indicate or state that you have no or lesser entitlements.


If you have any question regarding your employment status or rights, contact IFUT:

By e-mail:  admin@ifut.ie

By phone:  01 661 0910

By letter:   IFUT, 11 Merrion Square, Dublin D02 P962