Subscription Rates

Subscription Rates for IFUT Membership - January to December 2019


Full Members:- 
   For those on salaries of €33K or more: 35.00 per month
   For those on salaries of €16K to €33K per annum: 17.00 per month
   For those on salaries of €8K to €16K per annum: €8.00 per month
   For those on salaries less than €8K per annum: €4.00 per month
Tenure B Researchers: 21.00 per month
During a period of leave of absence for a period of not less than one year: 32.00 per annum
Postgraduate Members: 29.00 per annum
Retired Members - Life Membership


Associates: 19.00 per month




IFUT SUBSCRIPTION RATES - January to December 2019