Vulnerable staff being targeted, warns IFUT


The most vulnerable university staff are increasingly seeing their jobs threatened as university managements seek to breach the provisions of the 2003 Fixed-Term Work Act, Mike Jennings, IFUT General Secretary, stated in his address to delegates at the 2012 Annual Delegate Conference in Dublin today.
"In our Annual Report we refer to no less than 15 separate cases in the last year alone where IFUT has had to fight and fight again to defend rights given to us under the 2003 Act. Other cases are in the pipeline while yet others have since been resolved", he said.
"Despite all the promises given to induce us to concede massive productivity under 'Croke Park', the reality is that job insecurity and the threat of redundancy stalks the Higher Education Sector today", Mike Jennings said.
The IFUT Media Release is available here.