On the 26th Feb 2018, IFUT staff Joan Donegan (General Secretary), Frank Jones (Deputy General Secretary) and Fiona Lee (Industrial Relations Officer) ran a clinic in UCD, ably assisted by Emma Sokell, IFUT UCD Branch Chair. 

The clinic on work-related problems was open to staff/researchers, who were either IFUT members or who belonged to no Union.

The clinic was well attended, with the IFUT officials fully occupied between 11am and 3pm, and there were attendees from 4 of the 6 colleges in UCD.  Issues raised ranged from those associated with precarious employment to concerns related to equity in the work place.  The clinic, coming shortly after the IFUT Christmas event held at UCD in December, helped to further raise the profile of IFUT on campus and should contribute to the recruitment of new members.

We hope to be able to run another clinic at UCD in the autumn.