Tutors’ Meeting in Maynooth

The Maynooth Branch Committee recently held a meeting with the General Secretary, Joan Donegan, and University Tutors to discuss their terms of employment and roles.  

Maynooth University introduced a draft Policy for Tutors following discussion with IFUT some years ago.  At the time this was a very positive and much needed advancement and provided the opportunity for Tutors and Teaching Assistants to move from precarious hourly employment to permanent roles.  

As time has moved on the use of the Tutor role has expanded and seen some change.  The meeting was called to discuss these changes and identify the key issues that need to be addressed in the upcoming discussions with the university management to establish an agreed Tutor Policy.  Some of the issues that emerged related to ensuring effective opportunities for personal development and advancement.  Others related to the nature of the work expected of Tutors.  Central to the discussion was the need to ensure that Tutors were not being asked to do the work of Lecturers on the salary of Tutors.  The Committee find these meetings very useful to gather the views of members, clarify their concerns and use the information to prepare for negotiations with management.