Tribute to Sue Miller

Sue Miller

It was with a huge sense of loss and deep sadness that members of IFUT learned of the death of our dear friend and colleague, Sue Miller.
Sue was a long-serving and committed member of our Union in the Church of Ireland College of Education (CICE). 
The decision, taken at national level, that CICE should be incorporated into Dublin City University (DCU) threw down an extraordinary challenge to all in CICE to ensure that the unique character of that college’s contribution to teacher education in Ireland should be preserved and honoured. 
Sue was one of those deeply committed activists who “rolled up their sleeves” and dedicated an absolutely immense quantum of time and energy to consulting with every single member of IFUT in CICE.  They listened to the concerns regarding the move and made gargantuan efforts to try to impress on local management, and the other drivers of the merger, the imperative of listening to, and responding to, these concerns.
Sue, along with her fellow local representatives and the wider IFUT family, worked tirelessly to ensure that the unique character, personality, ethos and values of CICE would not be lost or diluted in the merger process.
Once the amalgamation was completed, Sue was foremost amongst those who dedicated huge amounts of time and energy to highlighting and resisting those measures and policies which were in direct contradiction of the solemn pledges given that the rights and standing of those represented by IFUT would not be diminished.
Sue was one of those passionate fighters for fairness and justice who rarely raise their voices above their natural, respectful tone and tenor.  Yet, when she spoke, no-one listening to her could be in any doubt about her commitment and dedication to achieving a fair outcome.
IFUT has lost an exceptional member and activist. Yet, at this sad time, we realise that our loss is as nothing compared to the grief of Sue’s life partner, George, and her children Sarah, Hannah, and Andrew, to whom we extend our deepest and sincerest sympathy and condolences.
Sue was a wonderful friend and colleague.  No one in IFUT will ever forget her or forget the debt we owe to her for her passionate, quiet-spoken advocacy on behalf of her colleagues.  We will all miss Sue.