Tailored Wages Report launched yesterday by Clean Clothes Ireland

Today, Clean Clothes Campaign Ireland have launched ‘Tailored Wages’ an in depth study of what the leading 39 clothing brands on the Irish and Eurpean high-street are doing to ensure that the workers who produce the clothes they sell are paid a living wage.

Based on a multi brand survey “Tailored Wages” found that whilst half of those surveyed included wording in their codes of conduct saying that wages should be enough to meet workers' basic needs; only four brands – Inditex (Zara), Marks & Spencers, Switcher and Tchibo - were able to show any clear steps towards implementing this – and even they have a long way to go before a living wage becomes a reality for the garment workers that produce for them.

Please find attached the Tailored Wages Report by Clean Clothes Ireland.