Students loans would require ‘rigorous monitoring.’ warns IFUT

Nov 29th, 2015

Any future introduction of a loan scheme for third-level students would need to be linked to rigorous monitoring of the impact on participation levels and its affect on disadvantage sectors of society, the Irish Federation of University Teachers (IFUT) states.

Mike Jennings, General Secretary of IFUT said that current discussion on a potential loans scheme forms part of an increasing and universal recognition that the status quo on funding of third-level education is unsustainable and is welcome in that regard.

“If a loans scheme is devised that facilitates participation and provides increased funding and resources for third-level education without being simply a replacement for government funding, then it could assist in addressing the current funding, resources and staffing crisis in the sector.

“It cannot be a solution in itself and universities and government must not view it as an means to simply pass the cost burden to students through exhorbitant fees or to avoid other necessary financial and resources decisions on the future of education, ” he said.




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