Researchers Getting Organised in Maynooth University

NUIM Researhers Meeting

A meeting was held in Maynooth University, 25th of January under the heading “Post-doctoral careers-Cork and Maynooth experiences: What next?”.

Researchers from across the campus were invited to attend this lunchtime meeting where they were addressed by Dr Rosarii Griffin from University College Cork’s Research Staff Association and Dr Andrew P. Allen the IFUT Research representative in Maynooth University. The meeting, organised by the Maynooth IFUT Branch Informed Researchers of the aims and the successes of the Research Staff Association in Cork and the challenges facing those in research into the future. The core message delivered to those in attendance was that without becoming organised that the precarious nature of employment that prevails in this sector will continue.

The meeting was advised that the legislation that protects workers, (Protection of Employees Fixed Term Work Act 2003) relating to Fixed Term Working, does not distinguish or differentiate between grades of staff. There was much positive engagement at the meeting with some present getting their first glimpse at what IFUT can do for Researchers.

The next meeting is scheduled at 11:30 am Friday 16th February 2018 at the Gresham Hotel Dublin