Proposed Amendment to IFUT's Objects

IFUT members are advised that a proposed amendment to our IFUT Rules has been passed by the required two-thirds majority at our recent Annual Delegate Conference. This proposed rule change introduces a new object focused on Social Justice, reflecting a commitment to promoting equity, justice, and equality in both the workplace and broader society.  The motion to amend the rules was proposed by our Maynooth University Branch and seconded by the Executive Committee of IFUT. 

Details of the Proposed Amendment: 

The proposed amendment revises Rule 2 (a) of our IFUT Rules, specifically expanding the Union's objectives to include the promotion of Social Justice. The revised Rule 2 (a) will now read as follows with the bold italics delineating the new insertion: 

“Rule 2 OBJECTS   

LIST (a)   

The objects of the Federation shall be:   

Education & Research (i) the advancement of higher education and research;   

Academic Freedom          (ii) the promotion and protection of academic freedom;   

Social Justice                  (iii) the promotion of equity, justice and equality in both the workplace and broader society;  

Employment Conditions   (iv) the safeguarding and advancement of terms and conditions of employment of members;   

Members’ Interests          (v) the safeguarding and advancement of the professional interests of the members;   

Benefits                          (vi) the provision of appropriate benefits to members;   

Property                         (vii) the acquisition of property, both real and personal, for any lawful purpose, by way of purchase, mortgage, lease, devise or gift, and the sale, mortgage, exchange, letting or disposal of such property. 

In accordance with IFUT rules, any amendment to Rule 2 must be subjected to a ballot of the entire membership and must receive a simple majority of those voting to be formally adopted. This ballot is required after the proposed amendment has been passed by a two-thirds majority at the Annual Delegate Conference (ADC). Therefore, the proposed amendment will now be put to an electronic ballot, which will take place in September. All members will have the opportunity to vote on this proposed change. Participation is encouraged to ensure that our Federation's objectives continue to reflect the values and priorities of our membership. 

Why This Change Matters: 

The addition of Social Justice as a core object of our Federation aims to underscore our commitment to fostering a fair and inclusive environment for all members and for all engaged in higher education and research. By formally embedding these values into our rulebook, we can better advocate for policies and practices that promote fairness and equality in academia and beyond. 

We urge all members to participate in the upcoming electronic ballot in mid-September. Your voice and vote are crucial in shaping the future direction of our Federation. 

We expect that members will have questions about how this additional ‘object’ will impact the work of the union, and we will compile a FAQ that we will share when issuing ballots we will.  It would be greatly appreciated if members with questions about the ballot or the amendment could mail setting out their points at their earliest convenience.  From these questions, we will prepare the FAQ, and we will share this FAQ on our website in the run-up to the ballot. 

Thank you for your continued support and engagement.