Phyllis Retires

Phyllis Russell Retirement from IFUT 2022

At the end of August, with almost 39 years of loyal and dedicated service to IFUT, Phyllis Russell, our Office Manager, Administrator and so much more to staff and members retired from service with IFUT.  Phyllis’s retirement follows a working life of 61 years almost all of which was spent within a 10 minute walk of the IFUT head office.  Well wishes have come into head office from friends and colleagues across the union and from many other quarters too.  Phyllis, since starting with IFUT in 1984, has witnessed and been to the core of, many of the changes and developments that have led to IFUT being what it is today.

Those of us who were present at our last ADC had the great pleasure of hearing our President, Dr Anthony Harvey, thank Phyllis for her contribution and service to IFUT.  Anthony thanked Phyllis for keeping IFUT functioning smoothly at all its various levels, for her alertness, her tact, her wisdom, her attention to detail, and the sheer knowledge that Phyllis has of our organization, its members, its finances, its social activities, its operations (and indeed its foibles). 

We all wish the best for Phyllis in her retirement.