Pay Restoration for Hourly Paid Members

IFUT DCU Branch have successfully secured pay restoration for hourly paid members. 

IFUT became aware that hourly paid members in DCU did not have their pay restored in line with their salaried colleagues arising from successive Public Sector Agreements. 

The issue affected several grades including part time tutors, lecturers, demonstrators and workshop facilitators whose hourly rates were cut under FEMPI but had not gradually been restored.

According to Miriam Hamilton, IFUT Deputy General Secretary,

"We are very pleased that the employer in this case, DCU, has recognised that this was an issue which once raised by IFUT needed a swift remedy.  It shows the importance of vigilance among members and the importance of members bringing issues of concern to their local branch.  We have achieved the principle of pay restoration now for many workers in DCU. While we are examining the detail of the implementation of the restored rates for the workers concerned, this is an  overdue recognition of the work of hourly paid workers and shows part time and hourly paid workers on campus the value and importance of working together through IFUT."