No Academic Representation on the Governing Body of Mary Immaculate College, Limerick, MICL


For over five years, Academic Staff at Mary Immaculate College in Limerick, have not been represented on the Governing Board, as IFUT members continue to protest against a decision taken by the College, following a report from an external consultancy firm.

As a consequence of this report changes have been made to the structure of the Executive Team of the College where no Academic representation has been included on this forum.  Prior to 2013 the Academic Group always had two seats on the Executive Team.  

For more than 18 months IFUT have been engaged in efforts to restore an Academic representative voice on this important decision making Committee without success. 
It is within the gift of the President of the College to determine the constitution of the Executive Team and despite recent decisions to increase the numbers on this Committee the President has refused to reinstate the two Academic representative seats on this forum.  

Our members remain resolute in their decision not to take up their seats on the Governing Body until such a time as the seats for the Academic representatives are restored on the Executive Team.
Frank Jones
Deputy General Secretary