Lecturer on separate precarious contracts and low pay - until IFUT secured full-time lecturing status

I have been working for one of the large universities in Ireland for almost a decade, holding year-to-year hourly-teaching contracts, without summer pay, payment for meetings, and the extensive preparation required for delivering high-quality lectures.  

Over those years, I also held several research contracts, collaborating with colleagues on successful grant applications.  There were times that I held up to four simultaneous contracts with the same institution across different departments; the toll was high in terms of stress, and often I worked more than a full-academic workload but for less pay.  And there were times that I had to rely on social welfare to supplement my income.  

Yet despite working consistently hard, getting great feedback from students, producing publications and bringing in grants, a CID wasn’t automatically recognised by the University. 

Thankfully through the support of IFUT, I finally secured a full-time lecturing CID.  IFUT staff were utterly professional and clear about my rights and entitlements.  They made the process less stressful by keeping me informed about how my case was progressing.  Without them I don’t think I would have pursued the fight as I felt too vulnerable and precarious after so long in unstable employment.  

Thank you IFUT.

- IFUT Member's Story

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