Internship opportunities at ETUCE in 2014/2015

Dear colleagues,
In the context of implementing the ETUCE work programme for the years 2013-2016 and with the aim to continue to deliver the high quality service to its member organisations, the ETUCE Secretariat is offering two internship opportunities at the ETUCE premises in Brussels for a 10-month period starting on 1 February 2014 and ending on 31 January 2015. (A 5-month period, until 30 June 2014 is also possible). Based on its positive experience with previous internships, the ETUCE Secretariat kindly asks its member organisations for their assistance and commitment in filling these positions.

The European Director will be the educational manager for the interns. The interns will actively participate in the daily tasks of the ETUCE Secretariat and contribute to the implementation of EU funded projects in close collaboration with the ETUCE coordinators and other staff from the ETUCE Secretariat.
ETUCE will directly refund the interns for their travel costs from their home country to Belgium and the return journey; the flight/train ticket should not exceed the most reasonable rates available on the market. One return ticket by period of 5 months will be refunded.
Involvement of the member organisations:
The member organisations are kindly asked to distribute the information on the internship opportunities to potential candidates (see notice attached) providing the candidates with enough time to send their CV and supporting documents to the ETUCE Secretariat. The candidates should indicate clearly which member organisation they are applying through.
From the pool of CVs and based on its criteria for the recruitment of interns, the ETUCE Secretariat will select potential candidates for tele-interviews. The final decision of recruitment lies with the European Director.
The member organisation, in co-operation of which the internship is carried out, will be responsible for contracting the intern. The member organisation ensures in co-operation with the ETUCE Secretariat that the intern is eligible for internship in Belgium and takes care of all administrative and legal obligations relating to the internship. Interns must be insured for the duration of their internship against the risks of sickness and accident and/or benefit from the social security of his/her country of origin. As the job description is likely to include travel abroad, the intern should be insured appropriately.
All costs, including compensation, social security, taxes, insurances and rent will be paid by the member organisation and recharged to ETUCE. The total of the costs should not exceed €1600/month and should be in line with the legislations and compensation habits applied in the country of residence of the intern. A service agreement between the member organisation and ETUCE will manage the procedure and conditions of the recharge.
For practical and administrative reasons, the interns should be citizens of the European Union with the following qualifications:
-          be in education and have a bachelor/undergraduate degree from a university or be well underway with her/his university studies
-          possess high level English skills, both orally and in writing, while knowledge of French is very welcome
-          have an interest in education and labour market policy, union policy and EU policy
-          be thoroughly versed in EU institutions and work processes.
-          have good information and communication skills. 
More details on the positions can be found in the attached notice.
We kindly thank you for your support in this important matter.
Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact the ETUCE Secretariat:
Yours sincerely,

Martin Rømer
European Director