Important talks from ADC 2012 now available online


Two important speeches from ADC 2012 are now available online. These speeches are widely considered to be among the most significant to be delivered at an ADC for many years.
In her Presidential Address, Marie Clarke defends the workload of university academics from criticism in the Press and other areas, citing data from her own research on academic workload in Ireland and other European countries. Dr Clarke's Presidential Address is available here.
In his invited talk, "Aristotle and the Oligarchs: The plight of Contemplative Scholarship in market-driven universities", Professor GL Huxley presents the idea of a university, in other words, what a university should be and do. He shows the damage that has been inflicted on universities, in Ireland, Britain, elsewhere in Europe and beyond. In his own words, his lecture "is a plea for a return to the notion of the pursuit of knowledge for its own sake". Professor Huxley's talk is available here