IMPACT Guide to General Election 2016 – The parties respond to IMPACT’s questions

IMPACT Trade Union

The 2016 general election campaigns are now underway.

Our sister Union, IMPACT, has asked each of the political groupings contesting the election a series of policy questions. Their answers should act as an election guide for members.

The questions cover issues that are particularly relevant to IMPACT and its membership.

The same questions were also posed to the Independent Alliance. To date, no member of the Alliance has provided answers.

Policy questions

  1. What are your party’s views on the balance between tax deductions and public expenditure adjustments over the next five years?
  1. Will your party honour the terms of the Lansdowne Road Agreement, including the partial restoration of public sector pay, no compulsory redundancies and the improved protections on outsourcing?
  1. Do you support pay restoration for staff working in the community and voluntary sector? How does your party propose to achieve this?
  1. What measures will your party take to improve access to services for children with special education needs?
  1. What measures will your party take to continue job creation and reduce unemployment? What are your party’s policies in relation to labour activation schemes such as JobBridge, Gateway and Community Employment?
  1. What are your party’s policies in relation to ensuring decent work and terms of employment? Do you support the introduction of a Living Wage?
  1. What are your party’s policies regarding housing, homelessness and rent certainty?
  1. What measures does your party propose are necessary to ensure that Irish water and sanitation services are retained in public ownership?
  1. What will your party do to establish an efficient single-tiered health system, which is free at the point of access?
  1. What are your party’s policies in relation to the retention or disposal of state assets and the privatisation of public services?
  1. What are your party’s policies in relation to improving the availability of services and working conditions in early childhood care and education services?


To read the full article and the answers to the above questions from the political parties please click here