IFUT Supports Union Recognition Demands at LLOYDS PHARMACY IRELAND

Mandate Trade Union

The Irish Federation of University Teachers (IFUT) has expressed strong support for members of MANDATE in Lloyds Pharmacy Ireland.

 “Over a century after the Dublin lockout of 1913, it is an absolute disgrace that in Ireland today workers have to fight and strike for the fundamental right to be represented by the trade union of their choice, Joan Donegan said.

“MANDATE members have shown great courage and determination in their struggle for their rights and I am confident that with such resolve will be successful  in the very near future.

“In Ryanair, one of the biggest and richest anti-union companies in Europe, has had to recognise the civil rights of their employees to organise.  

“The Management of Lloyds should remember that Michael O’Leary boasted repeatedly over the years that “hell would freeze over” before that would happen.  The sooner Lloyds accept reality the better, not just for  staff  but for the company also.

“IFUT members will express their solidarity locally at many Branches of Lloyds countrywide,  and members of the public should also support the demand of Lloyds staff for recognition, Joan Donegan said.


IFUT has written to  MANDATE to formally acknowledge its support.