IFUT supporting DCU former Heads of Department for career recognition and redress

Twelve former Heads of Department who transferred from St Patrick’s College, Drumcondra, as part of the college’s merger with Dublin City University, are seeking to resolve a serious loss of rights and career progress as a result of the incorporation in 2016.

Frank Jones, Deputy General Secretary of the Irish Federation of University Teachers (IFUT), which represents the 12 staff, said that the group are seeking recognition from DCU that there will be a detrimental impact on their future careers arising from the time spent fulfilling the HoD roles in SPD.

“This impact must be averted as much as is possible and each of the members must be compensated against any future losses in career path that may ensue,” he said.

IFUT has in recent times brought the issue for Conciliation to the Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) but despite our efforts no progress was achieved.

As a result of the Incorporation, the detrimental impact on staff has included loss of certain allowances, dimunition of career status and losses in recognition.

One of the HoD involved in the claim stated: “The opportunity cost to us who served asHoD’s in terms of issues such as papers not written, conferences not attended and archives not visited must be acknowledged. Otherwise we will bear a further blow by being crippled on career advancement / promotional opportunities due to the apparent gaps in our CVs – representing the time spent holding the very fabric of the college together.”

IFUT explored solutions with the WRC Conciliation Officer on how these losses could be addressed, to provide redress in recognition of the significant career sacrifices that members made as academics in the interests of SPD and DCU.

“Regrettably no great progress was made at the last conciliation conference. The HoDs are due to meet again shortly to determine their next steps and IFUT will continue to strongly support their demands, “Frank Jones said.