New Form to Assist us to Win CIDs

IFUT has created a standard, simple form to assist members to pursue claims for CIDs (Contracts of Indefinite Duration / Permanency).
A copy of the form is available from each local branch of IFUT (see our website www.ifut.ie for details of your local branch reps).
The form is easy to use and is designed to ensure that the HR Department in each college is presented with all of the evidence of entitlement to a CID and will be obliged to grant the CID or provide specific reasons for a refusal.  These grounds can then be contested by IFUT through local or, if necessary, national procedures.
Over the past number of years IFUT has been to the forefront in opposing precarious employment in Higher Education and we have taken and won more individual cases than any comparable trade union in any sector.
Recently, arising from a successful national campaign by IFUT a new streamlined, fast-track, procedure for adjudicating on claims for permanency for Lecturers has been agreed nationally and will be rolled out over the coming months.
The new forms will ensure that each IFUT member who feels that they are entitled to a permanent contract can be assured that, by following the sections of the specially produced form, they are guaranteed to have provided all the information necessary to force the employer to concede permanency or set out clearly their reasons for denying it.