IFUT Seminar on University Governance

IFUT hosted an enlightening seminar on University Governance. This event brought together Governing Authority members and IFUT activists from various Universities, providing a unique opportunity for networking and exchanging experiences across the sector.

Contributions from academics such as Dr Edward Lahiff (UCC), Dr Sinead Kennedy (Maynooth University), Dr Kelly Fitzgerald (UCD), Rory McGann, and IFUT President Prof. Emma Sokell (UCD) enriched the discussions, offering a breadth of perspectives on the challenges and opportunities in University governance from the academic perspective.

A key highlight was the insightful presentation from Mark James Ryan of the National Worker Director Group (NWDG), who emphasised the vital role of employee participation at the board level within the semi-state sector. His advocacy for workplace democracy and the strengthening of trade unions underscored the importance of collaborative governance and the inclusion of diverse voices in decision-making processes. His message reinforced the notion that workplace democracy is not just beneficial but essential for the health and progress of organisations.

The seminar served as a powerful reminder of the collective strength of IFUT and its members within our academic institutions and the potential for transformative change when we work together. As we continue to navigate the challenges and opportunities in higher education, events like these are vital for inspiring dialogue, sharing best practices, and reinforcing our commitment to excellence in governance.