IFUT Report Precarious Employment in Higher Education

Higher education in Ireland serves as a cornerstone for knowledge acquisition and advancement, both through the transmission of established theories and the creation of new insights. It equips students with essential professional, technical, and soft skills, fostering personal, cognitive, and ethical growth. Higher education institutions also play a pivotal role in societal and cultural development, driving economic development and emphasising civic engagement and global understanding. Ultimately, higher education aims to equalise opportunities, ensure social mobility, and address pressing societal challenges through research and inquiry. However, parallel to such ambitions and purpose is the issue of precarious employment, 'a state of existence in which material provision and psychological wellness are adversely affected by a lack of regular or secure income'. Reports and studies highlighting workers’ rights among academic staff within the sector highlight a range of issues, including casualisation of academic work, exploitation of early career academics, lack of support and career progression.

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