IFUT Call For Immediate Engagement on Restoration of University Exam Marking Fees

IFUT has called on the Chair of the Higher Education Sector Oversight Group to attempt to persuade the Department of FHERIS to meet with the union in relation to the cuts to exam marking fees introduced as part of the Haddington Road Agreement. At a meeting of this Sector Oversight Group in October 2022, IFUT secured agreement that the DFHERIS and the Irish Universities Association (IUA) would meet with the union in relation to our claim for the restoration of the 25% cut to the exam marking fees. Since then despite repeated efforts of IFUT representatives to advance this issue, the Department and employer representatives have failed to meet with the union.

In his letter to the group chair, IFUT General Secretary, Frank Jones said this matter “should and can be settled prior to the end of this semesters’ exam marking”.