IFUT – Publicly Funded Higher Education

Left to Right:  Fiona Lee, Dr Michael Hinds (DCU), Dr John Walshe (TCD), Dr Grainne Healy, Frank Jones and  Dr Angela Flynn (UCC) and IFUT President

IFUT were well represented at a workshop that took place in the FORSA Offices on the 28th of August.  The workshop, chaired by Dr Gráinne Healy concentrated on getting those in attendance to focus on, and clarify, the objectives of the Coalition for Publicly Funded Higher Education.  This Coalition has been operating and meeting regularly since 2016 and is made up of Representatives from IFUT, Forsa, the TUI, SIPTU, the Students Union of Ireland (SUI) and the Irish Second Level Students Union (ISSU).

Dr Healy shared with those present her enormous learnings that she acquired as Co-director of the Yes Equality Campaign and indeed as a Campaigner generally over many years and across many social justice issues.  Her facilitation of the workshop has served in strengthening the resolution that this group has to become a voice that will influence the next programme for government.

IFUT's contributions to the meeting included the requirement for a successful outcome to involve the employers’ organisations such as the Irish University's Association (IUA), and the Technological Higher Education Association (THEA), to be involved and in agreement with any developed policy that we will be lobbying on.