If you are not in, join IFUT - Member’s Story

I have been teaching in college for the last 12 years.  At the beginning I was working on an eight month contract that was leaving me with no pay over the summer month and no real security about holding the position the next academic term. 

Four years ago I secured a full-time (term position) with a minimum wage and no summer remuneration.  Although I had the support of the Heads of the Department and the School, every time I took my case to Human Resources my demands were not attended to.  

As a member of IFUT I got in touch with Frank Jones, General Secretary of the Union and I exposed my case.  Thanks to Frank and the Union, Human Resources recently sat at the table and listened to my case. A month after the meeting I was offered a full time position and a decent salary. 

My story is the story of too many people in academia and in my opinion, that shows the importance of Unions to protect the rights of the working class and to fight against precarity and injustice.  

Mutual support is basic and I encourage any of you in need to ask for help. It worked for me and it will work for you.  Do not hesitate.  

If you are not in, join IFUT.