ICTU Joint Congress Disability Committee Seminar

ICTU Disability Seminar 2018

IFUT was represented at the Joint Congress Disability Committee Seminar in the Midlands Hotel and Conference Centre today (1st of February, 2018) by Saranne Magennis and Phil Halligan, both members of the IFUT Equality Committee and the ICTU Disability Committee.

The conference was addressed by Fergus Finlay, Chair of the Comprehensive Employment Strategy Implementation Group.  Fergus informed the conference that people with disabilities are twice as likely to be unemployed and half as likely to be actively participating in the workforce, he pointed out that this is probably the last great discrimination in Ireland.  The conference was told of the work that the Group were doing with respect to pressurising the government to 'disability proof' a job when jobs are being designed, not adapting the job to possibly suit the disability.

The conference is an annual event organised nationally, this year's conference was attended by representatives from more than 13 Trade Unions representing workers in all sectors, both public and private, throughout the country.