Happy Easter to all of you!

Joan Donegan, IFUT General Secretary

Unfortunately this Easter is set to be a re-run of last year’s.  Who would have thought back then that we would still be in the grip of the health crisis a full year later?
The Easter break for most members of IFUT normally has a different character than any of our other annual holiday periods.  Coming at the end of the academic year we always go into it with a real sense of fatigue, we are tired and at the end of our resources.  But at the same time the “end is nigh” and there are always signs of Spring and evidence of new growth and regeneration.
This combination means that we usually enjoy (and need!) this break in a different way than any other.  Unfortunately this year every sensation and experience is overlayed and coloured by the stress and sense of dislocation engendered by the Pandemic.
But there is real cause for optimism and we owe it to ourselves to reach out to and embrace these prospects.
Firstly, it is Spring and we are surrounded by the evidence that nature is working its magic and giving us so much to celebrate and admire.
Secondly, there are vaccines and they are making a huge difference.  Due to the hard work and brilliant abilities of countless academics and researchers worldwide no major disease in history has ever had a vaccine against it rolled out so soon after being first identified.
Thirdly, against all the odds and as a result of their incredible dedication and commitment the members of IFUT have found the ways and the means to continue to deliver a first class Higher Education to our students and to the wider society.
Relying on the reach of this edition of the Newsletter we wish to say “míle buíochas” to each and every one of you. 
Stay wonderful. Stay safe. Stay well.

Happy Easter!
Joan Donegan,
General Secretary.