Grief and Bereavement in the Workplace

Joan Donegan

Death and bereavement may well be an inevitable part of the lives of every one of us.  But that does not mean that we talk about these things very much and perhaps, in so far as our workplaces are concerned, perhaps we do not talk about them at all.

During the past year Covid-19 has ensured that deaths, the threat of death and bereavement have become part of everyday conversations in a way we could hardly have imagined previously.  This may well be one of the few positive developments from the Pandemic.

We are indebted to a former member of IFUT who now works for the Irish Hospice Foundation The IHF Bereavement Support Hub and Supporting staff bereaved during Covid 19  and has sent us some very useful material which I am sure will be of significant benefit to many members.

The first of these is a specific suite of resources to inform, support and reassure people who have been bereaved during the pandemic.

IHF also provide bereavement training which might be of interest and information on Grief in the Workplace

Additionally, there are also some helpful resources on grief at work

These contain sections on:

How to cope 

How to help someone who is bereaved 

Information for professionals supporting the bereaved

Bereavement Resources


Should any one of you wish to pursue this topic further you will find the links to the IHF included in the above referenced packages.


Joan Donegan,

General Secretary.