Full Steam Ahead at DCU

Following discussions between IFUT and SIPTU a joint agreement has been reached on representation of staff in Dublin City University (DCU).  The new agreement provides a very strong mandate for working together in a spirit of partnership to advance the cause of all trade union members in the university. 

A joint high-level working group comprising of IFUT and SIPTU Officials will work together to ensure co-ordination of co-operation, while a joint union forum comprising of local elected representatives in DCU will meet monthly to discuss work on all issues that impact on members collectively.  Both unions will deal with individual cases affecting their respective members separately.

A new joint initiative on education and training will also be introduced.

“The agreement marks a further major step in advancing the rights of all university staff in the college,” IFUT General Secretary, Joan Donegan said in welcoming the new agreement. 

"I see progress being achieved in DCU through the same joint and close working arrangements we share with SIPTU in other universities," she said.  “A further key issue for both unions will be increasing union membership in DCU.  This will be vital in terms of defending education as a public good and addressing precarious employment practices in the higher education sector.”

"Finally, I wish to thank our members and in particular the IFUT committee in DCU for their forbearance and dedication during this uniquely difficult time.  We can now all get back to the day job of ensuring that the best possible working conditions are delivered in DCU," Joan Donegan said.