ETUCE: Survey of digital education and copyright practices


TO: ETUCE Member Organisations in EU,  EFTA and EU-candidate countries


Dear Colleagues,

The European Commission launched an on line Survey about digital education and copyright practices for learners and educators

The survey is available in the following languages: CZ, EN, DE, FR, ES, FR, IT, HU, PL, FI.

It will take you between 5 and 20 minutes to finish the survey.

The deadline to answer is the end of May.

The survey can be accessed here:


We would like to kindly ask you to send the survey to the most teachers possible in all education sectors (early childhood education, vocational education, higher education, general education, adult learning, etc.) and upload the link to your website.  


What is the survey about?


Most European learners and educators use a variety of works, including in digital format (digital texts, audio recordings, videos, software and others), for their learning or teaching / training / tutoring. Such works are used in the classroom, at home (self-education) and in distance learning.

Some of these works are protected by copyright and may in some cases be difficult to access or use. The European Commission is interested to hear what types of works you use in your daily learning or teaching / training / tutoring activities, how you obtain them, what you do with them and what restrictions, obstacles or uncertainties related to copyright you encounter.


Thanking you very much in advance.

Kind regards,

ETUCE Secretariat