ESSDE: Joint report and declaration on Supporting Early Career Researchers

Dear colleagues,

Please, find attached the final report from our recent joint project with the European Federation of Education Employers (EFEE) within the  European sectoral social dialogue in education (ESSDE) on “Supporting early career researchers in Higher Education in Europe and the role of employers’ organisations and trade unions”. I also attach the Joint Declaration on Supporting Early Career Researchers” which is the joint chief outcome for further use in social dialogue activities both at European and national level.

The successful one-year project was established by the ESSDE Working Group on Higher Education of the European Sectoral Social Dialogue in Education with the support of the European Commission. The research work  and the detailed case studies from Cyprus, Finland, Germany, Italy, Romania, and the United Kingdom have given the project partners the opportunity to learn more about the challenges faced by early career researchers and the universities in which they work and study. The thorough report includes information about the political and economic context, the social dialogue in Higher Education and the situation of research careers within Higher Education and beyond. The report then focuses on seven particular aspects of the challenges which  early career researchers face. The report leads to joint recommendations which may be useful for social partners  at national, regional and institutional level depending on the particular situation in each EU Member State. European policy making and action could benefit from these recommendations, too. Finally, the report results in the joint declaration. 

The outcomes of this project show again the huge potentials of the ESSDE which must be developed further and should be used to a greater extent. The results will hopefully provide valuable support to early stage researchers by raising awareness of their challenges and by showing possible solutions to address these challenges. ETUCE and EFEE have therefore committed themselves to actively promote their social dialogue and this declaration at all possible levels. 

In case of any further questions concerning the project or this survey report, please do not hesitate to contact: Alexandra Rüdig-Ironside, ETUCE Policy Coordinator for Social dialogue at


Yours cordially,                                                                                                                       

Martin Rømer                                                                                   

European Director