Education snubbed in FF-FG deal on government, says IFUT

The Irish Federation of University Teachers (IFUT) has said that the demotion of education to a single sentence reference in the ‘Confidence and Supply’ agreement on government between Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael is a major snub to education, teachers and students.

Mike Jennings, General Secretary of IFUT, said that in the case of higher education, numerous reports from the HEA and third-level colleges, as well as IFUT analysis, all warn that the very fabric of third-level is being undermined by years of government cutbacks.

“It is startling that, after almost two months of talks and discussion on formation of a future government, the educational needs of our society, educational establishments, teachers, researchers and students should be ignored so blatantly,” he said.

Mike Jennings said that a comparison of spending on education published last month by the European Trade Union Committee for Education (ETUCE) reveals that a number of European countries have recently begun to reverse spending cuts, “ but Ireland is not one of them.”

“Fine Gael, Fianna Fáil and whatever Independents form the next government must immediately address the crisis in third-level and education generally to ensure that the damage done by almost a decade of recessionary cuts is tacked with immediate effect,” he said.



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Wednesday, May 4, 2016 - 13:00