Casualization Survey

At IFUT we are of the view that the University sector over-uses precarious short term and casual contracts in an effort to addressing the staffing deficit.  The precarious nature of these employment arrangements are having devastating consequences on some of our members in terms of their livelihood and mental health.
At IFUT, we believe that all university teachers have a right to fair compensation, equitable terms of employment, access to training and development, and access to suitable career paths.

The Executive Committee of IFUT TCD Branch has developed a survey aimed at casual teachers and lecturers, teaching fellows, language assistants, adjunct assistant professors, teaching assistants, adjunct teaching fellows, and research staff regularly involved in teaching.  We need your help to ascertain the size of the problem and gather data to support our claims to University management and governmental bodies.

We are hoping that both IFUT members and non-members will complete the survey and share it with colleagues in Trinity College Dublin. 


IFUT Head Office would encourage every TCD IFUT member to complete the survey and, most importantly, to share it with colleagues who may not yet have the protection and support that being a member of a Union affords.

It is intended to adapt this very valuable survey in the near future to enable participation from every institute where IFUT has a presence to provide IFUT with concrete data to inform our work, both locally and at a national level, to seek improvements to the working conditions of those casual teaching staff who are in very precarious employment.