50 Years of IFUT Newsletters

Over the past 50 years, Ireland's higher education landscape has undergone transformative changes, reflecting broader societal, technological, and global shifts. As we celebrate over 50 years of the IFUT newsletter, we delve into our archives to provide a link to the very first edition of the IFUT Newsletter.

Published in November 1973. This inaugural issue marks the beginning of a long-standing tradition of dialogue, debate, and advocacy within the IFUT community. The inaugural newsletter from IFUT covered a range of topics aimed at enhancing communication and engagement among members. Key subjects include the introduction of an editorial section to outline the council's current activities and significant areas of interest, with an emphasis on fostering greater member involvement in IFUT's affairs. The newsletter also features a list of council members and officers, updates on salary matters, discussions on the mutual recognition of degrees within the EEC, strategies for research financing in universities, and considerations on unionisation.

This coming year, we endeavour to provide more links to historical newsletters, aiming to build a comprehensive digital repository.

This archive will serve as a testament to the evolution of higher education in Ireland and as a valuable resource for understanding the pivotal role played by the IFUT in shaping this landscape.