IFUT Membership Plus Card 2020-2022

Dear IFUT Member,


We are delighted to send you your new Membership Plus card which will be valid for the next two years.

Those who use the Membership Plus card regularly tell us that they are surprised at how much savings they can make. That is why I am always amazed at the number of members who do not activate their cards or who use them only rarely.

When the Executive of IFUT decided some years ago to provide these cards to our members we did so as a practical way of expressing our gratitude for the exceptional levels of loyalty and activism which we are so fortunate to enjoy.

One of the reasons why we chose Membership Plus was because they agreed to respond whenever individual members or branches identified suppliers with which IFUT members would be likely to do business. When you activate your card have a look to see if there are new suppliers of goods or services you think we could bring into the scheme.

This card is our 'thank you note' for your loyalty and support. The size and scale of the 'thank you' is up to you. The more you use the card the bigger the benefit. So, please, do make a point of activating your card now while it is on your mind. Once you begin to enjoy the savings there'll be no stopping you.

Yours sincerely, 

Joan Donegan, IFUT General Secretary

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